Hennessey Performance Debuts VelociRaptor 6×6 at SEMA

For those of us in the automotive aftermarket, we know all too well of the kinds of shenanigans involved in bringing ONE car to the SEMA Show; long days, all-nighters, a mad rush to finish right before the truck picks it up, and the paint is drying as it’s being placed in the booth. So, just think what it takes to bring TWO vehicles.

Companies like Hennessey Performance thrive in craziness like this. They’ll already be there to unveil their new super car to the world—but they’re bringing something else: the VelociRaptor 6×6. This was a serious build, as you can’t even describe it as a Ford Raptor on steroids; this is much, much more. It’s a Ford Raptor with new DNA infused—SUPER DNA. If you want one, it will cost $295K to get in line; and there will be one.

So, what do you get? A helluva lot. Starting off with a base 2017 or 2018 Ford Raptor, it gets a completely reworked twin-turbo V6 under the hood, with twin intercoolers and larger valves, and beefed-up internals; it cranks out 600hp. Power is transferred through an aluminum driveshaft to a crazy-looking, but extremely functional, dual-locking axle setup that’s attached to the frame via a custom suspension front and rear.

Sitting on upgraded 20-inch wheels and off-road tires, it looks as good as it goes. The list goes on: Brembo brakes, stainless exhaust, custom front and rear bumpers, bespoke interior—too much to list for this measly article. It sure looks badass, if nothing else.

Hennessey is looking for the VelociRaptor to be one of the best all—around performing trucks ever built. And if there’s anyone who knows anything about that, Hennessey definitely does. If you’d like one, check out their website and give them a call for more information.

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