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Michigan Truck Manufacturer Supercharges Limited Edition Series of F-150 Trucks, Adding More Power for Enthusiasts Searching for the Ultimate 4×4

Auburn Hills, MI – Celebrated for their incredibly detailed H1 restorations perfect for enthusiasts looking for the ultimate truck, Mil-Spec Automotive is proud to introduce their new supercharged F-150 equipped with the powerful Intrepid Performance Package to the company’s growing line of high-performance supertrucks. Designed as the company’s most powerful truck to date, the new supercharged Mil-Spec Automotive Intrepid F-150 features a mighty 675-horsepower upgrade to the 5.0L V8 engine designed to tackle anything on or off the road, all while making a one of a kind impression anywhere it goes.

“While the first-generation Raptor featured a stout V8 power plant and became the Baja truck of choice for almost a decade, the second-generation truck didn’t really adequately address performance for some hard-core enthusiasts,” comments Mil-Spec Automotive Co-Founder Adam Mitchell. “Mil-Spec Automotive recognized that a subset of performance-focused owners wanted more power, and our new Intrepid Performance Package offers significantly upgraded speed and torque across the board. The new Intrepid F-150 gives drivers a unique, limited series with an aesthetic anyone that has a passion for great trucks will enjoy.”

Earlier this year, Mil-Spec Automotive introduced its F-150 packages with the 5.0 V8 and FX4 off-road package good for 500 horsepower. The company’s new supercharged F-150 can produce an incredible 675-horsepower alongside a powerful 620 ft.-lbs. of torque. As part of the high-performance package, Mil-Spec Automotive imbues the 5.0 V8 engine with a new throttle body, intake, and cat-back exhaust integrated with a special 93-octane tune.

The new Mil-Spec Automotive Intrepid F-150 truck also features a host of other engine upgrades including upgraded fuel rails, 47 lbs./hour fuel injectors, and an air to liquid intercooler located within the lower intake manifold. Each aspect of the Mil-Spec Automotive Intrepid Package does not affect the vehicle’s warranty.

The Mil-Spec Automotive engineering team gave this Intrepid-equipped truck  aggressive styling, specially crafted to appeal to passionate truck owners looking for an alpha pre-runner. Each Mil-Spec Automotive Intrepid F-150 is engineered with special Baja fenders that are a full seven inches wider than a 2020 Raptor. The F-150’s fenders are available in four special colors made to match the original factory color palette.

Designed with performance paired with a stealth-like aesthetic, the Intrepid’s front and rear design are integrated with signature LED lighting, special Baja bumpers, and Mil-Spec badgingFor customers looking to further customize their Intrepid-equipped truck, Mil-Spec Automotive offers other upgrades such as a low-profile roof rack mated to a bed chase rack that holds a spare tire. The end result is a Mil-Spec Automotive truck designed to tackle just about anything on or off the road, despite the level of extreme.

Mil-Spec’s Baja Performance Suspension package integrates a super-premium Baja Suspension with Fox Racing shocks to allow for up to 12 inches of overall travel courtesy of new control arms/half shafts. This impressive package creates an easy, adjustable ride that is customized to fit each customer’s driving preferences. Mil-Spec Automotive further upgraded the supercharged F-150 by integrating new rear shock mounts to maximize rear shock travel while retaining the vehicle’s excellent towing capabilities.

The interior of each Mil-Spec Automotive Intrepid F-150 receives all new upgraded leather upholstery, super-premium billet controls/badging, and a special steering wheel to maximize the truck’s performance through magnesium paddle shifters. Now available as a limited-edition series, the 675-hp supercharged Mil-Spec Automotive F-150 features the finest performance intersected with a tactical design that is all its own.

For more information on Mil-Spec’s supercharged F-150 and all other available vehicles, please visit or call 248-430-5150.

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