VIDEO: CJ Pony Parts’ Bill Tumas Reviews a Boosted ’88 F-150

We love a beautifully built, well-crafted and perfectly tuned Mustang as much as the next guy. After all, what’s not to love about Ford’s pony car, especially one with a beautiful luster and a high-quality shine?

However, we can’t ignore those who know how to take a leftover, forgotten workhorse into parts unknown. Some may laugh and scoff at the patina found on vehicles like the F-150 depicted here, but we think it just lends to the overall personality of the truck.

Under the hood, is a rather modest Ford 302 small-block that’s been punched over another four cubic-inches, and with a homegrown, intercooled turbocharger system that bumpers up power substantially.

The truck belongs to CJ Pony Parts‘ video guy, Brenden, while CJ’s on-camera personality, Bill Tumas, gives us an overview and a walk-around of the truck. While there doesn’t seem to be anything that jumps out at us in terms of appearance, the overall sleeper theme of the truck just makes it that much cooler.

On the road test, however, there are a few problems that immediately jump out at Bill. The gauges are broken, the shift knob pops off every time he touches it, the clutch seems to be on its way out and the rear shocks and/or springs may be on their way out. The good news, is that Brenden is employed at at one of the leading Ford parts retailers in the country, that happens to specialize in late-model F-150 parts.

We think in the coming months, we’ll see more of this truck, and see it evolve into a properly sorted-out performance machine!

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