Video: How Do Modifications Effect the Value of Your Mustang?

Bill Tumas with CJ Pony Parts discusses whether or not modifications add value to your Mustang.

Among the Ford Mustang community, it seems to be a hot button issue as to whether or not modifications add value to the car. In this video Bill Tunas sits down with Matt Mohl, the host of the CJ Offroad Channel, to dissect the issue and give buyers and sellers a little more insight on the topic.

While not practical, there are some enthusiasts that will take the stock blue book value of the vehicle and add every penny in mods to said vehicle to value their Mustang. On the other hand there are others who say that modifications do not add any value over blue book to a car. Despite the extreme opinion, for the most part properly done and well chosen modifications do add value to a car while being sold privately but thats not to say that the seller can expect to get every dollar spent in upgrades back when they sale the car.

For comparison, Bill shows us two 1996 Ford Mustang Cobras that both have right around 68,000 miles on the clock. First up is the Krimpstang, a ,96 factory stock race car with a current blue book value of $7,000. The modifications to the car include a Coyote engine, Liberty TKO transmission, 35 spline Strange rear end and drag brakes, Billet Specialties wheels, Kirkey seats, and a roll bar. Although it is a purpose built car that would have a smaller portion of the market interested in it, because of the modifications, it should go for more in the range of $15,600.

To contrast, the Mystic Cobra, which is basically a stock vehicle with nicely chosen “bolt-on” modifications, such as aftermarket wheels, cold air kit, new clutch, and exhaust. While the paint may bring a little more to the table, the Mystics mods probably won’t, and considering that it is a clean, nice driving car, it can be valued at around $7,500-8,000.

This comparison obviously shows how modifications can add value to a private sale, however the same is not so true for vehicle trade-ins. While dealerships may shell out a few more bucks for mods, most prefer the cars to be in stock condition and the sellers best option is to return the car to stock and sell the aftermarket parts separately.

While modifications to a Ford Mustang, a vehicle that depreciates as soon as it leaves the lot, may add a little value, in the off-road market it is completely different. According to Matt, Jeep Wrangler buyers are not only more likely to pay closer to MSRP for a used vehicle, but will also pay more for a modified one.

Even though mods may add some value to a vehicle when done properly, the major benefit to modifications, when selling a vehicle, is the interest they get from consumers. In conclusion, when modding a vehicle that you may eventually sale, it should for the most part be done, not with the resale value in mind, but with your enjoyment in mind because if you enjoy the modifications chances are perspective buyers will too.

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