Does Ford’s Renewal of Thunderbird Trademark Mean Something Is In The Works?

A car’s name can be very significant in the decision of whether a customer will actually buy a specific vehicle. Take the Ford Mustang for example, the Mustang has made a name for itself as the world’s greatest pony car. Whether you agree or disagree with that description we can all still agree that a name can carry significant value for an automobile and its respective manufacturer. So it comes as no surprise that Ford has just recently filed a new trademark application for one of their previous manufactured vehicles, the Thunderbird.

On January 13, Ford filed a trademark for the Thunderbird name. Though a trademark renewal is a very typical thing for companies to do every few years, we the consumer can still speculate on the possible implications of the decision. With so many old cars coming out to the public as “new” electric vehicles, it may be possible that Ford intends on making a new electric Thunderbird. The fact that the trademark specifically states one of the uses for the trademark as “…concept motor vehicles…” gives the impression that a new concept car could be coming to a car show near you.

In 1955 the Ford Thunderbird was introduced as Ford’s solution to the small European-style coupe known as the Corvette. Over the years the Thunderbird became little more than a luxury vehicle and lost most of its touch with the public shortly after. It was reintroduced in 2002 but fell out of production in 2005. The Thunderbird made a name for itself as a car that “changes with the time” and perhaps that could be a selling point for a new electric version. Of  course this is just speculation and it is far more likely that Ford is just holding onto the name for possible future use as car companies usually do.

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