Ford’s Mustang Could Go Fully Electric In Just Seven Years

With talk of some states banning the sale of gas-powered internal combustion engines by the year 2035, it comes as no surprise that some companies such as GM and Ford are preparing for the coming regulations. GM has already announced plans to focus on their electric platforms in the coming decade and other companies such as Ford are following suit. It is rumored that Ford is planning to remove the internal combustion engine from the Mustang by 2028.

GM’s reveal of the 2019 eCOPO Camaro has drawn a lot of attention toward Chevy, Ford may need something to push sales toward the Mustang. The eCOPO was designed to show off the Chevy Bolt EV technology, featuring 2 Borg Warner electric motors, a Turbo 400, and around 700-horsepower and the Mustang will probably need a competitor if the EV Camaro ever goes into production. According to Autoline Network, the 7th generation Mustang is expected to be offered with an internal combustion engine and carries the S650 code name. The S650 might also use the CD6 platform which is the current Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator SUV platform, which kind of seems like a lead up to Ford turning the beloved pony car into an SUV and the current Mach-E is also more of an SUV than it is a sports car.

This seventh-gen Mustang would run for about 8-years, which would allow enough time for a smooth transition into an alleged 2028 all-electric platform. All-electric vehicle platforms are currently on the rise and Ford may be looking to push the Mustang in its entirety aboard the EV train. The future of transportation may very well be electric, if that is the case then the Mustang will probably be Ford’s front-runner in the battle for the electric vehicle movement. Although the Mustang Mach-E received considerable blow-back against the idea of using the Mustang moniker, the outrage was mostly due to the fact that it is an SUV. Electric cars have proven time and time again that they can keep up with and even exceed the capabilities of the standard internal combustion engine. It may be possible that Ford executives have realized an opportunity to put the biggest name in sports cars fully behind the EV movement.

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