SEMA 2017: Centerforce Announces Two New Clutch Options for the Ford Focus RS

There’s no getting around the fact that the Ford Focus ST and RS are hot little pocket rockets; both in terms of what they offer from the OEM, and what they could provide the ned user with a bit of tweaking. They’ve managed to bridge the gap between American performance and the import tuner world.

However, the aftermarket for those cars is still blossoming, and there are many who are still trying to quell any kind of underlying issues the factory may have overlooked. One of those companies is Centerforce, and heir recent announcement at SEMA Show 2017 of two offerings for the RS, in particular.

Official Release:


The Centerforce Dual Friction and DYAD RS clutch kits for Fords hottest hatchback delivers improved performance and torque holding without sacrificing street drivability.

Prescott, Ariz. (October, 2017) – Centerforce Clutches, a leading manufacturer of performance clutches for classic and late model cars and trucks, just released the new Dual Friction and DYAD RS clutches for the Ford Focus RS. These two new performance clutch options give owners of Ford’s top sports compact car clutch options to match any power level.

Following on the success of the Ford Focus ST, the eagerly awaited Focus RS threw a larger displacement Ecoboost engine into the mix and combined it with a sophisticated all-wheel-drive driveline to create the ultimate hot hatchback. Performance enthusiasts have flocked to this new model and quickly began pushing the limits of power from its turbocharged engine.  Now, with the introduction of Centerforce’s Dual Friction and DYAD RS clutches, Focus enthusiasts can finally install a clutch that can match the performance potential of their Ecoboost engine.

The Dual Friction kit is an excellent performance upgrade for lightly modified vehicles and owners that are looking for improved torque capacity and pedal feel in a package that is easy to drive with smooth engagement.  It features two unique friction materials to strike a balance of performance and drivability on the street.

On the pressure-plate side, the clutch disc has a full-area friction facing, which allows the clutch to engage smoothly and easily. The flywheel side of the disc has puck-style (segmented) friction surfaces made of aggressive carbon-composite material. This maximizes holding capacity while still maintaining daily drivability. The pressure plate also utilizes Centerforce’s patented ball bearings and centrifugal counter weights to retain drivability while maximizing holding capacity.

For the street/track enthusiast that is pushing some serious power out of their Focus RS, Centerforce offers the DYAD RS twin disc clutch. The DYAD RS uses the same floating-drive multi-disc technology that is employed in the standard DYAD DS. A sprung-hub clutch drive disc turns the floating clutch disc.

A billet floater plate between the clutch discs uses spring-loaded bushings to help absorb gear train chatter. Pedal feel remains easy to modulate with stock-like effort. Patented Centerforce technologies included in the DYAD RS system are ball bearings in the pressure plate and the signature centrifugal weight system. The clutch kit is also precision-balanced at Centerforce’s Arizona manufacturing facility.

The DYAD RS kit is shipped complete and ready to install. Included in the box is the pressure plate, floating disc, floater, drive disc, flywheel, ARP hardware and an alignment tool.  Every Focus RS DYAD RS clutch also comes with Centerforce’s Long Travel Hydraulic Throw-out Bearing for longer clutch life and more consistent pedal effort.  Each DYAD also includes a data sheet for that specific clutch kit, detailing specifications and testing numbers.

These Dual Friction and DYAD RS clutch kits are available for the 2018 Ford Focus RS with the 2.3L Ecoboost engine.  For more information about Centerforce clutches, flywheels and related components, please contact Centerforce Clutches, 928.771.8422 or visit


  • Made in USA
  • Provide improved holding capabilities
  • Perfect for those who add more power and race their cars
  • Pedal feel remains easy to modulate with stock-like effort
  • Billet floater plate between the clutch discs uses spring-loaded bushings to help absorb gear train chatter
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