SEMA 2017: Livernois MyCalibrator Progressive Launch Management Controller

When you’re building a car destined for the drag strip, adding more power is one thing, implementing improved suspension is another, but how many of us ever consider the addition of launch control? There are a few offerings in the marketplace, but one standout is the MyCalibrator Progressive Launch Management Controller from Livernois Motorsports and Engineering.

Official Release:


Available in both Street, and Pro versions, our Progressive Launch Management Controller solves a common issue on late model Drive-By-Wire vehicles. When at the strip, having to manage the right amount or Launch RPM, with just the right amount of aggressiveness when going WOT makes it difficult to get a perfect launch.

With our controller you no longer need to try to balance these items as it does the work for you! With it you are able to hold a steady throttle when staging while controlling the rate the throttle opens to help you get the perfect launch!


  • Allows you to adjust your launch exactly when you need it
  • Eliminates wheel spin when calibrated correctly
  • Intended for drive-by-wire applications

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