VIDEO: ProCharger’s P-1X System for 2015 and Up Mustangs

The folks at ProCharger are constantly at work to stay on the cutting edge of technology and performance. Erik Radzins of ProCharger gave the crew at BOM a tour of their latest offerings for 2017-18.

Having been in business for almost twenty-five years, ProCharger has always been in the forefront of development; having been the first to offer an intercooled supercharger system in 1994, and they were also the first supercharger company to manufacture a system that received an emissions exemption for all 50 states, so that tells you the level of commitment they have for satisfied customers.

Erik went about to talk about the 1100hp Camaro built by Vengeance Racing—to which they supply the supercharger system for, and also highlighted a wicked, world-record holding, blown drag bike. Clearly, the team at ProCharger is always on the quest for more horsepower.

However, what garnished the most attention from spectators was their display that promises 300 bolt-on horsepower for any 2015 and up Mustang using their supercharger system. The beauty of it is that the system is designed to be installed in a day by anyone who’s even half-way familiar with bolting and unbolting things to their new Mustang. On top of that, it’s all 50-state legal!

That equates to over 700hp at the flywheel, and around 650hp to the wheels, which is quite impressive! The Coyote-equipped S550 Mustang is already a formidable street performer right off the showroom floor, imagine what an extra 300 horses will do. Not only does ProCharger offer a smog legal system for just the Mustang, but also for the Raptor (both 5.4L and 6.2L), and certain F-150 and Expedition trucks, with other Fords coming soon!

A big thanks to Erik and the ProCharger team for letting us in on what they’re up to, we’re excited about the future of the product and what that means for Ford performance!

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