VIDEO: Accel’s Late Model Ford Super Coils

Accel has been offering high quality, high output coils for many Ford applications for years now, and now the late model Ford owner can enjoy the benefits of their Supercoils. The Accel Super Coils are designed with highly advanced bobbin technology, specialized silicone magnetic steel cores, optimized winding, and turn ratios engineered with high performance in mind.

These are made to be a direct OEM replacement, and will not trip an OBD II code. They come in various colors, depending on your application, and installation takes less than an hour. Learn more about these advanced Super Coils for Ford by Accel in the official release below.

Official Release:

Accel Now Offering Super Coils for Late Model Ford Applications 

ACCEL Super Coils feature advanced bobbin technology, highly specialized silicone magnetic steel cores, optimized windings, proper resistance and engineered turn ratios that deliver a high performance, quality coil. Specialized high temperature epoxy resists shock and vibration, while increasing thermal conductivity. These are direct high performance replacements for OEM coils.


  • Specialized silicone magnetic steel cores are surrounded by precision wrapped windings using advanced bobbin technology which helps maintain the proper resistance and turn ratios necessary to deliver a high performance spark
  • ACCEL coil bodies are molded using a high di-electric strength material. We then fill the housings with a specialized high temperature epoxy that not only increases the thermal conductivity but also helps resist shock, vibration, and chemicals
  • Direct Plug In Replacement results in a Direct OE Fit
  • OBD ll Safe, so you won’t be throwing codes, just sparks
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