Video: Can The GT500 Take Down The Hoonicorn?

On this episode of the Hoonigan series Hoonicorn Vs The World, the Hoonicorn takes on the new 2020 GT500 in a head-on drag race for the title of the fastest mustang. The Hoonicorn itself boasts some pretty impressive numbers with a Garrett twin-turbo V8 and a 6-speed sequential transmission pushing out an incredible 1,400 horsepower being put to the ground by an AWD system at just 2,998lbs.

When compared to the GT500 which has ‘just’ 762 horsepower a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission and over 4,000lbs holding it back the Hoonicorn sounds like the clear winner on paper. If you thought that the Hoonicorn would win you’d be correct however the Mustang sure does a good job of keeping up. On round one the Hoonicorn blew the GT500 out of the water by winning by about half a track length, so for round two, they switched things up a bit.

They gave the GT500 a rolling start of 1500ft whilst the Hoonicorn had to start from a dig, because of this fact the Hoonicorn lost by about a car’s length. Something was wrong with the Hoonicorn so they checked it over and found out that it was out of gas. She was filled back up again, and they put the Hoonicorn up against the GT500 for round three, replicating the starting situation of round two.

Once again the Hoonicorn lost due to its opponent’s considerable 1500ft roll start advantage, however, it only lost by mere inches. After the official race was run the guys decided to see who would win in a head to head race where both parties were given a rolling start and the Hoonicorn won. That being said, due to the GT500’s considerable acceleration in the top range of RPMs the GT500 only lost by about a car’s length making this one of the closest races in the series history thus far.

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