VIDEO: Pro-Touring F-150 Could Be The Most Radical Of Its Kind!

Sometimes pushing the envelope of what you think is possible is the only way to get to that final end goal even if the people around you start to question your sanity. This drive and dedication is what leads to some of the most major breakthroughs in not just the automotive world but literally anything. Although, many times the research and development process is in a way overlooked by aftermarket automotive parts consumers, especially when the vehicle is one that many people have built before. However, nothing can highlight the research, planning, development, and fabrication journey quite like a unique build.

Starting with a plan that more than likely sounds familiar to any gearhead, Sean from Innovaspeed (a small motorsports fabrication shop in Arizona), set out on his journey towards 500ish horsepower that glides through the corners as if it were on rails with a 1995 F-150. If a vehicle more suited for the job site than the race track seems like an odd choice for a road race build well that’s because it is. Being no stranger to BMW dominated road racing and autocross, Sean drove his inherited truck down a rabbit hole that led to something that has not been done before, at least not to this extent with a 9th gen F-150 anyway.

The truck’s front end is completely custom fabricated from scratch while the rear end is an IRS setup out of a 2015 Mustang. The stock Torsen T2R center section came with a 3.73:1 gear ratio, leaving only the bushings and control arms needing to be upgraded. Wilwood’s 14-inch rotor six-piston system supplies the truck’s stopping power in the front while the stock Track Pack’s 13.3-inch rotor and single piston caliper handles rear braking. While time constraints sometimes lead to poor decisions, the hasty choice to set the truck on Apex EC-7 18 by 10 Wheels with a Mustang bolt pattern wrapped in 285/30 tires was actually a decent one and tuning on this setup will actually benefit the inevitably incoming 18x11s wrapped in 315s.

Under the TracSpec Motorsports-vented hood, is a 351 Windsor, bored and stroked to 408 cubic-inches, backed by a TKO600 with a McLeod RST twin-disc clutch. With as cast RHS heads and a custom ground cam from COMP Cams, it produces about 531-horsepower on 91-octane. CVF Racing was kind enough to custom build a reverse rotation water pump that would work with both the Windsor engine and their Raptor Serpentine kit. For weight-distribution’s sake, the engine was moved about 4-inches back and a little over two-inches down.

Likewise, the fuel-cell was installed higher up rather than in place of the original fuel tank. All of this equates to a highly custom 1995 F-150 that is driven on the road daily while also being able to keep up with cars on the road race track, but if it all seems to be a bit much, you might be surprised at what is possible by simply diving head first into a project that has never been done.

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