VIDEO: CJ Pony Parts Installs Pedders Coilover Suspension on an S197 GT500


A good coilover setup can make an okay-handling car handle great, and a great-handling car be even greater. Plus, the advantages of being able to adjust the ride height with the turn of a spanner wrench can really make the system attractive. Well, thanks to the innovation of aftermarket companies, just about anyone can have a top-notch coilover suspension setup retrofitted in a matter of hours.

Once such company is Pedders Suspension. You’ve never heard of them, you say? Well, that’s mostly because they’re an Australian company. Having been in business since 1950, they’ve built a staunch reputation in the automotive market down-under, and have only recently set up shop here in the states. You can purchase their components through authorized dealers with CJ Pony Parts being one of them. In fact, Angel from Pedders Suspension partnered up with Bill from CJ Pony Parts to produce this informative video in where they install a coilover kit on an S197 GT500. They also make a kit for the S550 Mustangs as well.

The kit consists of 30-way adjustable front struts that are completely assembled with springs and mounts adjusted to a pre-set, recommended ride height. The rears include 30-way adjustable shocks, springs and mounts—also adjusted to a pre-set recommended ride height. The kit is finished off with a new set of shortened sway bar end links.

Everything is pretty much remove and replace, so no measuring or fabricating is needed; they just bolt on in place of the items you removed. Angel and Bill do a great job showing us the ins and outs of the whole operation; for the average wrench, this is something that can be accomplished in an afternoon. Once finished, the difference was striking! The GT500 looked mean and ready to rumble! The 30-way adjustable system has definitely given this Shelby a new attitude!

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