VIDEO: Late Model Restoration Evaluates the 2018 Mustang GT

The 2018 Mustang is loose on the streets, and it’s already proving that it’s an amazing vehicle. So you can pretty much guess just about every aftermarket manufacturer making any kind of parts for the Mustang has one, and they’re making videos. Late Model Restoration in Hewett, Texas, is one such company. Being that they’re one of the leading manufacturers in Mustang parts, it’s only right for them to pick up a new Mustang the moment it became available. However, they wanted to be intimately acquainted with the car before they started posting videos on YouTube.

According to Landan, host of their YouTube channel, this isn’t the car they had originally planned to get. Their initial plan was to go for a fairly optioned Premium GT with the new 10R80 10-speed automatic transmission. They pretty much got a GT with the 10-speed auto, but lacking on options. Not being ones to complain, they looked at what they had, and decided that it would work for what they wanted, plus, being $12-14,000 cheaper!

You gotta give LMR credit for wanting to be informed before making a video. Initially, they did a baseline dyno pull, and ran a 12.02 at 117mph. Very respectable for a bone-stock car off the showroom floor! Check out the video to see all of the mods they’ve already completed. With all of the mods, including an x-pipe, and SVE progressive rate springs, they returned to the dragstrip armed with drag radials and front skinnies, and were rewarded with an 11.88 at 120. Remember, this is with the 10-speed automatic! After the dragstrip, the S550 was treated to some more suspension upgrades courtesy of Steeda.

With the Mustang at a comfortable stage, Landan gave his driving impression. One thing I’ve observed across the board with other companies is that the new transmission is phenomenal. He even challenges manual aficionados to test drive the 10R80. However, he also noted for the stick-shift crowd that the MT-82 manual trans has been improved over the previous years.

Landan also gave a brief overview of some of the major mechanical and cosmetic changes that makes the 2018 different from the ’17 model, and comments on the Gen III Coyote engine. Overall, Ford has made the latest rendition of the Mustang a well-rounded beast of a pony car. Check out the video to see just how LMR really spiced up a low-optioned Mustang GT!

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