VIDEO: Late Model Restoration Debuts Factory-Looking Cup Holder Insert for 1987-93 Fox Mustangs

We’ve all done it at one time or another as Fox owners: held the drink between our legs, purchased some sort of aftermarket extended arm rest that incorporated a crude cup holder, or—the most common remedy, jammed our drink between the parking brake lever and the passenger seat.

Having tried all three, I can safely say that neither method was very effective, and while some aftermarket cup holders look pretty nice, others never truly fit into the overall design of the car. Well, the team at Late Model Restoration has felt our pain, and have released a newly-designed console top panel cover with cup holders, and is the absolute best resolution for some of us Fox owners who like to enjoy our favorite non-alcoholic beverage while cruising in our favorite ride. LMR’s own Landan Durham performed the prep, paint and installation of the piece, which went very smoothly.

Made for 1987-93 Mustangs, this insert is designed to be a direct replacement for the insert that previously housed the ashtray. It does a great job of duplicating the factory texture, and comes in a grey finish to allow you to paint it to match your interior color—and LMR has a full line of interior paint.

The insert also comes with a pre-cut hole for the power mirror switch, and parking brake seal with a plastic retainer. Plus, the original coin tray was enlarged to accommodate just about any size cell phone. It doesn’t come with a cigarette lighter cut out, but since you’re removing the ashtray (the lid was probably broken anyway), it doesn’t make much sense to keep the lighter. If you need a port to charge your phone, this gives you the perfect opportunity to fab up your own custom phone mount and charging port. Overall, the fit and finish looks like your Fox Body came from the factory equipped with cup holders!

I know it’s not easy to gauge the size from the video, however, you can see LMR’s Landan place a decent-sized tumbler in the recesses at the beginning of the video. So, how large of a cup can it hold? The cup holders are 2.95 inches diameter, and 1.98 inches deep, so use that as your base when comparing cup sizes.

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