VIDEO: ProCharger Spark Plug Tips For Boosted Engines

Let’s be honest; we love strapping on a supercharger for more power, torque and increased performance. The sound effects these things make can be pretty addictive, too. But more often than not, we see results from supercharged vehicles that just aren’t delivering what they should be. The culprit? More often than not, it can come down to the spark plugs.

Whether it’s the wrong gap, the wrong temperature or a damaged plug, it could effect the reliability and drivability of our vehicle, especially if it’s running some form of boost. Our friend Erik Radzins of ProCharger breaks down the potential effects of tuning the incorrect or poorly gapped spark plug in your supercharged mill.

In what seems like basic automotive repair conversation, you might be amazed how letting those old spark plugs run too long in your engine, or gapping your plugs to the incorrect specifications. He also breaks down the difference in the tips of the spark plug, heat ranges, potential breakups (not THAT kind) and the importance of quality plug wires. He also points out how they can get worn over time, and effect performance.

It’s a quick ten minute spot, and it’s definitely worth the watch — even if you’ve been wrenching on cars your whole life. It’s information that can benefit you no matter which engine you’re running in your car.

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