VIDEO: Steeda Announces the MagneRide Controller With High Performance Calibration for 2016-22 Mustang

Official Release:

Steeda Mustang MagneRide Controller With High Performance Calibration Powered By DSC Sport (2016-2022)

This product is available for pre-order. Estimated ship date is mid-late October.

The factory MagneRide Damping System offered on Mustangs has truly transformed the capabilities of what these cars are capable of, both on and off-track. At the flick of a switch, you can ride in comfort down the highway, flick it to Sport+ for a twisty backroad, and run Track Mode to conquer any road course. It truly is an all-in-one solution that makes all the manual adjustments of a coilover programatically.

But, what if you wanted more? Steeda has the answer!

Meet the Steeda Mustang MagneRide Controller With High Performance Calibration! We have teamed up with the folks at DSC Sport to take their existing Mustang MagneRide Controller, and turn the volume up to 11! Our team worked hundreds of man hours dialing this calibration to enhance the driving experience in nearly any situation.

Take your MagneRide-equipped Mustang to a new level. Whether you’re running our Steeda Dual Rate Springs (555-8243, All | 555-8244, GT500) or most factory Ford springs*, this controller and high performance calibration will transform how your Mustang handles the pavement.

Tested & proven on the street and on track. Our team put in the hard work so you don’t have to. This Steeda High Performance Calibration is complete and ready to run on your vehicle. Our racing team was able to drop 2 seconds around the full course at The FIRM in our Steeda Mach 1 with this controller!

Easy installation – set it and forget it. This controller can be installed in your Mustang in less than 15 minutes by replacing the factory controller in your trunk. Once connected, this calibration takes the place of the factory calibration. In order to use your new Steeda High Performance Calibration, all you need to do is flick through the driving modes as you would with the stock system.

The perfect all in one solution. Maximize the handling capabilities of your MagneRide-equipped Mustang without switching to conventional coilovers or relying on uncessarily stiff springs!

Product Benefits:

  • Completely transform how your MagneRide-equipped Mustang handles.
  • Engineered for our Dual Rate Springs, but works with most OE Ford Springs (see fitment table below).
  • Easily installs in place of the factory MagneRide controller.
  • Utilizes all the factory Ford drive modes.
  • Increases comfort on the highway in Normal Mode, while enhancing grip on-track in Track Mode.
  • We did the hard work for you! The device is locked and the calibration cannot be altered.
  • Precisely tuned by our in-house team on the street, autocross, and track.
  • Ability to reset ride height sensors.
  • Bracket included with controller for easy installation.
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